Mechanical Engineering Equipment

Our domain expertise has enabled us to present a remarkable gamut of Mechanical Engineering Equipment system trainers. All our products are developed under the supervision of experienced quality controllers as per international norms. In order to ensure high durability and performance, these products are fabricated by using optimum quality raw material, which is obtained from our trusted and reliable vendors in the industry. Moreover, these products are manufactured as per clients' requirement.

Basic Mechanism System (Model: XPO-BMS)

Salient Feature:

•   BasicMechanism Systems Trainer have been designed to provide the industrial MechanicApprentice with all the tools to develop the understanding which is necessaryto assemble, repair, overhaul mechanical systems used in modern machinery   

•  This trainerallows for measurements, proper removal and installation of belts and chains aswell as examining mechanical components.

•     Fourindependent table top standing, operatable, hard assemblable setups are usedfor practice.

•     Suppliedalong with manuals.

Refrigeration & AC Trainer (Model: XPO-RFAC)

Salient Features :

•Integrated setup which includes both Refrigeration and  Air conditioning(needs attachment).
•Easy to switch from one process to other with removable sections.
•Evaporator is enclosed in Transparent Acrylic enclosure for easy understanding.
•Multichannel temperature indicator provided. 
•Optionally Water Cooler with heater can be supplied by modifying cooling box & separate water heater supplied 
•Light in weight ,yet sturdy, table top Aluminum profile flat panel setup
•Connections through polarized FRC connector, sturdy 4mm Banana socket & patch cord enabling quick setting up of variety of process control experiments. 

XPO- Pump Trainer

Salient Feature: 

•Light weight, yet sturdy tabletop, Aluminum profile (30x30) modular flat demo panel setup with SS (304/316) piping  and wide angle view of every component in process. No hidden parts. Optionally PC interface with graph plotting facility provided. 
•Thyristorised DC drive is used to set RPM for prime mover coupled to each pump.  
•Trunnion mounted prime mover with speed torque sensors giving accurate shaft power & pump output delivery measured in terms of flow in LPH & pressure in bar  to determine efficiency of pump.
•Each panel has ABS molded plastic sturdy enclosure, and colorful screwless overlays showing circuits diagrams & its connection tag numbers for easy understanding and connection, 4 mm shrouded banana patch cords for shock proof connection. 
•Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.

• Use of UPVC piping in line with current industrial practice
• Aluminum profile HBwith lockable caster wheels allow the user to move the bench around the lab and have foot operated locks to hold the bench in position.

BASIC MECHANISM SYSTEM (Model : XPO-BMS 1)Gear & belt drive Mechanism
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