Renewable Energy Trainer

•Table top  wind tunnel  with side/ top covers having transparent viewing window & protection cage to facilitate identification of components of windmill.  
•3 phase motor with axial fan  blades as blower to simulate variable wind. 
•VFD to control speed of motor/ blower with continuously variable speed to  set wind speed.                                                                   
•Renewable energy basics, energy conservation, charge controller, storage system  & invertor etc.  
•Converting kinetic wind energy into electrical energy in laboratory using BLDC generator.
•500mm cuboid using  aluminium profile, 2  such racks connected each other to form wind tunnel containing wind blower and wind turbine.
•Pitching and yawing provision provided. Wind turbine mounted on Pillar with bearing to facilitate yawing.
•Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook.                                                                                                                                   

Based on NCPRE/ IIT Bombay development.
i) Basic model consisting of St1 panel mounted in rack above (without peltiermodule) + St3 + EMT8 & EMT9 panels + 500W lamp.
ii) NISE/DGET compliant consisting of SPV stands (2 nos) with EMT8, EMT9 & Optimised rack with Rheostat + EMT68 (2 nos.) + ST3 +  ST4 + EMT6 + ST5 + EMT7 + St4A (Optional).
ii) Advanced model consisting of (ii) above + (i) (with peltier module) and St2 panel.
Table top aluminum profile modular flat demo panel rack with tiltable lockable frame 0-90° in steps  to  mount various types of SPV modules. Employs 1000W  halogen lamps as variable intensity sun simulator.                                                               
NISE/DGET curriculum based laboratory experiments supported. Useful for laboratory experimental learning by students in renewable energy basics, energy conservation, charge controller, storage system etc. 
Closed loop temperature control using peltier module to study temperature effect on solar cell characteristics.                                                                                                                       
Panels St1 and St2  facilitates understanding of underlying physics by measuring carrier life time & spectral response of a solar cell & calibration. Removes dependance on costly pyranometer through use of calibration. Certificate from NISE delhi for solar cell supplied. (optional)
Set of Instructor Guide & Student Workbook. 

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