Telecommunication & RF Engineering

Telecommunication & RF Engineering

Learn how an Analog as well as Digital PID works, Facility to monitor behavior of the controller output (Un) & process variable (MV) either on PC screen or on CRO. Settable time constants, P4/XP or latest version window based PID controller (DDC) software package with P, PI & PID control, Ratio & cascade control, three operating modes, Online graph drawing & data acquisition modes (SCADA). PC not in scope of supply, Can learn about different processes using simulated building blocks as well as real life processes using replaceable experiment panels/processes and built in square / triangle / sin function generator as disturbance, Graph printing facility for laboratory journal entries, Aesthetically designed injection molded electronic desk (master unit) carrying useful experiment resources like Power supplies, DPMs, Computer Interface, Analog PID controller with central slot to hold various replaceable experiment panels / processes, Connection through sturdy 4mm Banana sockets & Patch cords, Students workbook Instructor's Guide provided, Useful for Post Graduate projects and research purpose.

` Telecommunication & RF Engineering :

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Communication System Trainer Equipment (Model: XPO-COM)

Salient Features:
•Can learn and experiment about variety of communication mediums (AM, FM, FO Wired) & methods (Modulation / Demodulation  Analog/ Digital).
•Covers Analog communication, Digital communication, Fiber optics characteristics as well as communication, Wired communication through various modular experiment panels implemented using latest state of arts VLSI/CPLD's.
•Aesthetically designed injection molded electronic desk (master unit) carrying useful experiment resources like power supplies, Multi Fuction generators, FM/AM/FO/Transmitter/receiver, MIC and L/S amplifier,  Butterworth Filter (BWF), Sync sine waves etc while central slot will hold various replaceable experiment panels. Order 10 MUs + 10 Panels sets or mu multiples.
•Connection through sturdy 4mm Banana sockets, patch cords, ST  connectors, BNC Connectors.
•Student workbook & instructor's Guide provided


Salient Features:

 Variety of Antennas are provided to work at 500MHz RF range, with BNC (F) connector for easy connection to RFGenerator/Power meter & easy swapping using M8 screw & wing nut.

 Standalone as well as PC based modes of operation supported.

 PC based (Auto mode) needs stepper driver, CIA panel with PC software (XP/WIN7/WIN8 OS based).

 Direct interface with PC through USB cable to acquire power meter readings.

 Excellent Student's Workbook (SW) & Instructor's Guide (IG) with tables filled, Polar graph plotted etc

Fuzzy Logic Trainer, Model XPO-Fuzzy






Mobile Phone Trainer (Model-XPO-MOB)

Antenna Trainer, Model : XPO-ANT

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